Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments

Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments

Instructions: Students will design and create a visually interesting and informative WIKI presentation using the following guidelines.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments

4. Explain the steps you would use to implement and evaluate this program. (Include how you would fund it).

The Holistic Harmony Nursing Theory can be an asset when creating programs to help those affected by the opioid crisis.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments The patient is a complex being and in order to format a program that is better suited for each individual person, the spiritual, psychological, and physical components need to be taken into account. As well as their environment and healthcare team.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments


Environment and Provider

Before implementing a plan, there needs to be a foundation on which to build on. The veterans environment needs to be assessed. When veterans are trying to manage chronic pain, PTSD, depression, and anxiety they turn to their provider with faith that they will help them. Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments Therefore, it is important that providers do not prescribe medication endlessly without actually helping the patient holistically. As stated in Psychology Today, “most vets don’t question the doctor… He routinely sees vets in their 20s and 30s who are taking a “laudry list” of medications” ( The current culture for managing veterans is conducive to the opioid abuse. In addition of providers receiving better education, there should also be a strong provider-patient relationship established because there is increased likelihood for a patient to be successful if there is.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments

In addition to addressing the medical field, a patients personal environment needs to be thoroughly assessed. For example, the patients living situation, family culture, friends, and family. It is important for the veteran to be surrounded by an encouraging atmosphere that will help keep the yin and yang components of his or her life in balance.

Patient and Health

HHNT not only encompasses the provider and the patients environment, but also evaluates the patients yin-yang balance and their spiritual, psychological, and physical well being.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments


· Spiritual: The spiritual component of a veteran can be addressed by tuning into the patients religious beliefs. This can aid him or her in moments of strife.

· Psychological: The psychological component can be addressed by assessing the patients level of motivation and feelings when engaging in drug use. The patient would be advised to keep a log for the provider to later review and create nursing interventions.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments This log can help guide the provider to see what is motivating the drug use, whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic pain, difficulty assimilating to civilian life, or unemployment.

· Physical: To address the physical component, the patients nutrition status, skin integrity, and muscular strength need to be assessed. The patient might be referred to a nutritionist, dermatologist, or physical therapist.

To track the veterans state of overall well-being during their journey to recovery, a daily health-harmony assessment tool would be utilized. The numeric scale allocates a section for each aspect of the patient: the psychological, spiritual, and physical component. Within each section the patient would rate their level of satisfaction at that moment. This tool will provide data for the provider, which will identify what areas the patient needs more attention, and which do not.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments The goal is to promote a balanced “well-being” state and encourage a patient and family centered approach. This will aide in the patient’s recovery and keep the Qi balanced and flowing.

6. Develop a plan to implement the activities and program and discuss the role of advance practice nursing.Veterans and The Opioid Epidemic Essay Assignments