Stress Management Workshop Essay Presentation

Stress Management Workshop Essay Presentation

Final Project: Stress Management Workshop Presentation

Imagine if a Phillips screwdriver was the only tool auto mechanics had available to fix all the automotive problems they might encounter. What if doctors only had one treatment to use in response to all the ailments their clients present to them? In short, some cars would be fixed and some patients would recover; however, many cars would become huge lawn ornaments and many patients would continue to suffer. The same is true for stress management. Without a variety of strategies to resolve all the different types of stressors individuals face, many would continue to suffer and possibly develop serious yet preventable illnesses. Since one stress management strategy does not fit all stressors or people experiencing stress, there are many approaches and strategies that can be incorporated into stress management training. It is wise to teach different methods, thus providing a sense of control and options for choice and type of situation. Stress Management Workshop Essay Presentation


For this assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources. Then search the Internet to educate yourself on the concepts behind developing a professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Also, refer to the Walden Writing Center with regard to APA formatting for PowerPoint presentations ( Finally, review a variety of online stress management presentations to determine what types of activities you would like to include and the best way to present those activities to your chosen population. Stress Management Workshop Essay Presentation

The Stress Management Workshop Presentation Assignment (16–25 slides)

Create a PowerPoint presentation of the stress management techniques you developed in Week 5 for the population you selected in Week 3. In 16–25 slides, your PowerPoint presentation should:

Describe the relationship between stress and health

Explain the influence stress might have on the health of your chosen population

Describe the stress management techniques you selected for your Week 5 stress management handouts

Explain how to apply the stress management techniques you are presenting

Explain how and why these techniques work for your chosen population and the common stressors they face

Describe tips on how to successfully incorporate these techniques into the lives of your chosen population

Submit your PowerPoint presentation for Instructor feedback. Stress Management Workshop Essay Presentation

Support your Final Project assignment with a specific list of references (and cover page) for all resources used in preparation of the PowerPoint presentation, including those in the Learning Resources for this course. This will be submitted in a separate document from the PowerPoint.

Submit your assignment by Day 7. Stress Management Workshop Essay Presentation