Smoking Cessation Assignment Case Study

Smoking Cessation Assignment Case Study

Hello this a HPRS -1301 (pathophysiology ) class and this is due march 26, 2018 before 11:59 pm central time.. and please no plagiarism.   please read instructions at the bottom and please list he references.Smoking Cessation Assignment Case Study

Group Discussion # 2 – Smoking Cessation

Part 1:

Review the American Lung Association’s Web site:
Examine the information this website presents for the consumer or health care provider.
Study the information and post a reply for each of the below:

1.  Review smoking cessation programs in particular. Discuss the  information the American Lung Association offers regarding smoking  cessation assistance.

2. Discuss the importance of smoking  cessation for people who are chronic smokers and how stopping smoking  also benefits non-smoking people.



3. Research the cost of smoking to the population, the employer, and especially the cost
to the health care system.Smoking Cessation Assignment Case Study

Cite the source or sources you used. Compose your message as a reply to this posting in more than 150 words.Smoking Cessation Assignment Case Study