Short investigations of environment policy assignment

Short investigations of environment policy: You will have five investigations due throughout the semester.  These will enable you to delve more deeply into topics related to the course that interest you.  You have the choice of doing:

  1. a blog (roughly 500 words) on any topic related to the themes of the course;
  2. a map, graph, pinterest site, or other visual representation of some element of one of our readings or class discussions;
  3. participation in citizen science or public forum or social outreach project related to the content of the course (documented via a short, roughly 500 word description);
  4. attendance at a lecture or exhibition or event on or off campus related to one of the course topics, which you provide a short (roughly 500 words) summary of.

Choose one of the them to write a Short investigations, about 500 words.

the class name is introduction to environment policy.