Sepsis Research Paper Assignment

Sepsis Research Paper Assignment – Specific Aims

The purpose of this study is to provide insights into the basic features of Sepsis disease in adults.  The research aims at elaborating all the properties of Sepsis disease within a population of adults.  The main parts of the research include illustrations of causative agents of Sepsis, prevention of Sepsis, symptoms, and treatment of Sepsis.  The research problem in this particular case is the Sepsis disease, which is gaining popularity within a wide population of individuals globally.  Sepsis usually takes place when chemicals released into a human body to fight pathogens began to form inflammatory chemical reactions (Pittet & Allegranzi, 2018). Sepsis Research Paper Assignment. These chemical reactions are very detrimental to the normal functioning of human bodies and might lead to the failure of various body parts.  Sepsis can ultimately lead to death if it reaches the septic shock stage (Liu et al., 2017).


Sepsis has various implications for nursing that include an urgency to remedy the situation.  Nursing plays an important role in identifying Sepsis and provides effective intervention while still in its early stages of development.  Adults who are undergoing treatment are the most vulnerable group in a population and could easily develop Sepsis on the course of their treatment (Truong, Lam, Grandner, Sassoon, & Malhotra, 2016). Sepsis Research Paper Assignment. Other implications for nursing that result from the development of Sepsis include initiation of intense research.  Nurses ought to initiate effective research work that would provide viable solutions to reduce the spread of Sepsis disease.

The specific aims for this particular study include the following:

1) To determine if Sepsis is preventable among the adult individuals of a population

2) To find out the main symptoms of Sepsis disease and hence assists nurses in identifying the disease while still in its early stages of development. Sepsis Research Paper Assignment.

3) To provide guidelines regarding the treatment of Sepsis disease

4) To educate people, especially adults on ways to avoid possible development of Sepsis disease

This study will only be a success if certain questions will provide guidelines for the research.  The research questions include:

1) Is Sepsis preventable?

2) How do we recognize Sepsis?

3) How do we treat Sepsis?

4) How to avoid Sepsis

To attain solutions to the above research questions, it is necessary to formulate certain hypotheses for this particular study.  The hypotheses include:

1) Sepsis is preventable upon following appropriate identification and treatment criterion.  In this regard, adults who are undergoing hospitalization need to be careful in identifying any possible development of infection from the use of chemicals.  Upon identifying possible symptoms of Sepsis, a patient should seek medical care immediately. Sepsis Research Paper Assignment.

2) Sepsis is identifiable through symptoms such as an excessive rise in body temperature, high heart rates, and difficulties in breathing among adults (Liu, Wang, & Qie, 2015).

3) Treatment for Sepsis requires the application of antibiotics and consumption of large amounts of intravenous fluids.  This treatment of Sepsis is very effective in increasing the chances of survival for individuals experiencing inflammation due to chemical reactions. Sepsis Research Paper Assignment.

4) Sepsis is usually avoidable if its main causative agent is clear.  Nurses and other medical professionals need to understand the cause of Sepsis disease in patients and hence advise them accordingly.  To avoid cases of Sepsis among adult patients, nurses should have a better understanding of the medical history of a patient before treatment. A proper understanding and remedy of Sepsis disease requires the formulation of certain assumptions.  The prior assumptions include All adult patients suffering from Sepsis disease have a prior encounter with chemicals during hospitalization. Adult patients above the age of 65 years have weak immune systems hence have higher chances of developing Sepsis disease. Sepsis Research Paper Assignment.