Security of Health Care Records Assignment.

Security of Health Care Records Assignment.

Security of Health Care Records:Recent headlines have covered a rash of security breaches at companies around the globe. Millions of customers and clients have had their information stolen by hackers or lost through careless data handling. With the push for switching medical records from paper to digital, people have expressed concerns about the safety and security of this information. Security of Health Care Records Assignment. How much faith can patients put into a health care provider’s commitment to privacy, ethical standards, and careful protection of health care information?


Security of Health Care Records

The transition to digital communication presents ethical and security issues never before encountered. Despite the concerns generated by the digital paradigm shift, the key values of privacy, confidentiality, autonomy, and non-maleficence still can provide a framework for decision making in the context of health information technology. The question that health care professionals encounter when contemplating HIT is how well these ethical and security frameworks withstand the test of time as privacy and security issues grow more complex. Security of Health Care Records Assignment.

This week you explore the ethical and security issues that nurses need to be aware of when working with sensitive, private information. You also appraise strategies for ensuring the security of patient information.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

•   Analyze the responsibility of nurses to protect patient information

•   Appraise strategies for ensuring the appropriate use of technology that facilitates the security of patient information. Security of Health Care Records Assignment.