Prevention and Treatment Brochure Assignment Paper

Prevention and Treatment Brochure Assignment Paper

Choose an issue that affects children in middle childhood or adolescence, such as bullying or eating disorders.

Create a brochure for prevention and treatment of that issue targeted at the middle childhood or adolescent population. Prevention and Treatment Brochure Assignment Paper


Address the following:

  • Description of the issue
  • Statistics about the pervasiveness of this issue
  • How the issue affects physical cognitive and socioemotional development
  • Prevention strategies
  • Intervention strategies
  • Specific resources that provide additional information about this issue: name, contact information, and websites Prevention and Treatment Brochure Assignment Paper

Obtain faculty approval.

Format your Prevention and Treatment Brochure consistent with APA guidelines Get a  Prevention and Treatment Brochure Assignment Paper

Unformatted text preview: Siaiisiics 3: Facts Teen Suicide * Suicide is We lhird leading cause of dealn in adolescenls * Approximalely eyery20 minu’res in lhe Uni’red Sia’res a suicide occurs. *1 in 5 Jreenagers in Jrne LIE. seriously considers suicide annually. * ln 2003r E percenl of adolescen’rs allemo’red suicide rec-resen’ring aporoxima’relyl million ’reenagers, of whom nearly 300,000 receive medical allen’rion forlneir allempl. * Approximalely l r?’00 leenager died bysuicide each year. ‘ Teens girls are more likely ’ro al’remp’r suicide bul leen ls-oys are 4 io 5 limes more likely lo go inrougn if or die. Prevention and Treatment Brochure Assignment Paper Maui-rs: mus-n JLTla-ai-il Resources “Abou’r Teen Suicide.” Kids Heallh- Jrne web’s mos’r yisiled sile aboul children’s nealln. HP. , n.d.welo. 13 June 201Erin’rlo:.u”r’”parenHem-oi ions Enerr’nan, A; Joloes, 0, EL Silyerr’r’lanr ML, [2006-] Adolescenl suicide: Fissessr’nenl and inlenren’rion [2nd ed.] ‘I.I”I.I’asl*.ing’ronr DC: American Psychological r’l’l-ssIs-cia’rionr 456cc. Teen Suicide Suicide aw.:ium:rs::q:i.-:ar WAS-THE Angela D. Munsan Cduses cf Teen suicide ‘ A psychplpgicdl disc-rder, especidlli.r depressic-n, bipc-ldr disc-rder. dnd dlcc-nc-l dnd drug use. * Feelins of dis’rressr irrd’rdlznili’rur er dgi’rdlic-n. ‘ Feelings cf hc-plessness dnd wer’rhlessness fhdl c-f’ren dcccmpdnyr depressic-n. * A preuious suicide dilempf * ,i-“ifdmilyr I’lis’rc-rg..r cf depressicn or suicide. * Emc’ric-ndl , physicdl , c-rsexudl disuse. * del: c-fsuppc-r’r nelwcrk, pc-cr reldlic-nships wilh pdrenfs c-r peers dnd feelings ofsccidl isold’rion. ‘ Dedling wilh ls-isera-qudli’nir c-r hGrT’IC’S-E-‘KU-flllly in cm unsuppcrliue fdmi|1_..r c-r ccmmuni’ryr cr ncsfile scncc-l enuirc-menf. * l’u’lcuing lc- d differenl communi’ry’ Signs dnd Sumpicms cf * leking dlppuf suicide. * Drds’ric mood or behduicr chdnges. ‘ lsc-ldling frpm friends prsc-cidl dcfiui’ries. * del: c-f inferesf in wcrkr’scnecl c-r hc-lplpies. * dek of inferesf in personal dppedrdnce. ‘ Abuse drugs dndi’ pr dlcphpl. * Delilc-erdleluinjure fhemselues. * Wifhdrdw frc-m fdmilyr dnd friends. * EQSll’g-i beccme dgifdfed or dngru. ‘ I:ndnge in Sleep pdl’rerns. ‘ I:ndnge in edling ndpils. * ‘u’isi’ring c-r cdlling pec-ple c-ne cdres disc-uf. Tredimeni dnd Suppcn lf ucuu c-rsc-mec-ne uc-u knew experience Clh’u’ c-f fhe suciddl ’rhc-ugn’rsr feelingsr c-r penduiors described in lhis brochurer gel help. CCIll ” Lc-cdl l’u’lenldl Hedlln Crisis Lines ” Lc-cdlH-zznspi’rdlEmergenc1,-r Rec-m ” 91 l fc-r dll emergencies Hd’ricndl Crisis Lines l 600-2 P’S-TALK [l -ElDD-2?3-i3255] l EDD-SUICIDE [ l -EDU-FE4-2433] I: c- n ’r d c f: ‘P’dren’rs or can ddulf ‘Schpc-l cpuselpr, sc-cidl iiir-s-rkerr er sch-eel nurse *i’u’ienfdl nedlln inerdpis’r ” deily.r physicidn ” Minisler c-r Sheriff c-r lc-cdl pclice Help teen Suicide …  Prevention and Treatment Brochure Assignment Paper