Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

1.What are some of the possible health consequences for employees exposed to mixtures of toxic air contaminants? How can the Safety Professional determine if levels of mixtures are safe? Provide examples in your response.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

2.Describe the relationship between safety and health standards and the established system of building codes.




3.Describe the effects of common industrial air contaminants on the human body and methods used to quantify employee workplace exposures.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

4.Provide an example of a job that could have a high incidence of workplace musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). Identify two engineering controls and two administrative controls that could be used in this job to reduce the risk of WMSDs.

5.Explain OSHA requirements for administrative controls, hearing protection and hearing testing, and conservation programs.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

6.A recent industrial hygiene survey revealed that workers in a machine shop are being exposed to noise levels above the OSHA PEL. You have been tasked with providing recommendations to management on how to bring these levels within limits. Describe three to four recommendations that you would make, and list them in priority sequence.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper


7.Explain the problems of selection of personal protective equipment and the comprehensive requirements that must be met to protect employees from hazardous conditions.

8.iscuss the procedures you would establish in order to conduct arc welding in a permit-required confined space. Be specific, and provide examples in your response.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

9.Define the three principle facets of fire protection, and identify the four classes of fires and the appropriate methods for extinguishing each.

10.Explain the complexities and difficulties in enforcing standards for lifting. Use specific examples to support your answer.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

11.You are on the design team for building an overhead bridge crane for use in-house within the company. The design team is considering a proposal to place a switch box on the wall with toggle on/off switches for control of the bridge, trolley, and hoist, respectively. What would be your design input to this committee? Explain the rationale behind your recommendations.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

12.You are the safety manager for a 50,000 square foot warehouse operation where paints and painting supplies are stored. What are your top ten recommendations for ensuring adequate fire prevention and protection in this facility? Provide a brief justification for each of your recommendations.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper


13.Discuss the reasons why fall prevention and protection is more difficult on a construction site than in a fixed manufacturing plant. In your response, include examples of where fall protection might be required on a construction site and what specific type of measures would be needed to ensure worker safety.Physiology Discussion Questions Paper

14.Write a brief paragraph on the physiology of electric shock. Include explanations of organs affected, electric current levels that are dangerous, conditions that aggravate the problem, and why. Physiology Discussion Questions Paper