Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment

Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment

Overview of Health Care Policy

Policymakers should consider economic, political and social aspects when formulating a policy on the health care. The fundaments for this concern are to ensure that the healthcare sector contributes to sustainable development by promoting the welfare of the patients. This case is concerned with how the policy on the opioid dose impact on the health of the patients, especially considering the frequency of hospitalization. Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment. The study identifies the problem in the policy, highlights the role of politics on the issue and then suggests a solution on the matter. As a result, it would be possible to provide better grounds for using opioids treatments without victimizing the patients into health complications and possibilities of addiction.


Identification of Healthcare Policy

Opioids’ use in public health has been common for many years, but there have been several vagaries identified on its use. At first, the public has limited knowledge on the use of the drug. Second, the specialists have been in a great dilemma of identifying the best dosage to recommend for the patients. Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment. For this reason, it is challenging to control the health problems, including the increasing number of unintended deaths since 2000. The statistical data to support this argument indicates that the increase has been to approximately 137% (Shaparin et al., 2017). Doctors are relentlessly searching for mitigation measures to control the situation, which raise a concern to identify how the government is responding to the desired changes Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment.

Surgical operations are widely used across the globe and the use of opioids is accepted. Use of opioids is a world concern considering that every year, 200 million people undergo surgery (Shaparin et al., 2017). These surgical treatments subject people into risks of continued pain, even after the discharge. Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment. Even if the number of deaths has been a concern, the population that continues to use opioids and revisits the specialists to an extent of hospitalization is a matter of concern. One of the studies identified that approximately 3.1% of the patients continue to use opioids after discharge (Clarke, Soneji, Ko, Yun &Wijeysundera, 2014). This population is significant and calls attention to intervention in health care.

Student’s Solution

The most venerable groups have been the young, those living in heart conditions. Besides, specialists have been challenged by the identifying the best dose for the patients. If the dose is not correctly administered it might subject the individual into risks of post-surgical pains or addiction. Therefore, embracing the need for patient-centered health care would help the specialists encompass on identifying the need of the individuals thus providing appropriate treatment approaches depending on the patient’s condition. In this case, there would need to exclude the use of opioids, but engage in more testing to identify the venerable groups and use of sophisticated approaches that would best fit the conditions of the patients.

The use of a patient-centered approach is multidimensional since it involves the use of the patient’s interests to provide the best services. Relatively, the number of unintentional deaths and post-surgical pains will reduce significantly. It would, therefore, necessitate the specialists to focus on improving the welfare of the patients by considering the bases that subject individuals to postsurgical pains and possibilities of addiction. Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment

Identification of the communication Techniques

The communication techniques would focus on sustaining the need for involvement of all stakeholders and clear communication of the policies to an influential person. If the concept is clearly understood, it would be possible to have a well-established conversation that would lead to an effective formulation and implementation of the desired policy changes.

At first, it would be important to use a reach that is accessible to the policymakers. In this case, the research would focus on using details and documentation that the policymakers can perceive as evidential to the research to an extent of influencing their decisions. Second, the issues would involve the stakeholders relevant to the topic. This includes the use of patients who might have experienced difficulties after opioid treatment. Stakeholder involvement at this point improves decision making since it helps in solving the issue based on experience (Cooper, 2011). Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment. Also, the third approach, in this case, would ensure that there is established two-way communication. Markedly, when the policymakers and other interested parties are in a two-way communication, it becomes easy to express opinions on the persisting issue while at the same time arguing from the executives’ point of view (Gardoni & Murphy, 2008). As a result, it would be possible to argue on the available evidence without the irrationalities of one way dialogue. Besides, the study problem and the solution would be communicated by a group of relevant target groups who would be responsible for dissemination. As a result, it would be possible to find the best approaches to justify the suggested solution. Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment.

Selection of an Elected Official

The presentation would be made to Rick Scott, a governor in Florida the reason for selecting the individual is to take advantage of his political position that would influence the other policymakers as well as provide grounds for making changes in the current laws in the health sector, to a point of enhancing improved use of opioids in surgical treatments.

Video / Self Evaluation

The presentation will cover the interest of all stakeholders and ensure that it takes a timed approach to equally engaging all the individuals in the panel. In this case, ideas will be represented on the scale of time which would be pre communicated by the elected official. After the presentation, it would be important to identify the scope of information covered relevant to the set expectations. Since the study is wide-scoped, it would be important to drive the points more specifically to improve on time management. Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment.  I believe that I was able to accomplish that during the video presentation through driving the main points across which was bringing awareness to the topic.

Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment – Conclusion

In conclusion the use of opioids helps in improving the wellbeing of the society, but one must keep in mind that challenge remains in the determination of the best dosage. Health practitioners and Nurses face the great dilemma to find the appropriate dosage alongside of educating and affectively conveying a truly sense of the what opioid addiction will truly mean for the patient.  On going patient education is a viral part in rising awareness to this on going issue that as truly become an epidemic. Opioid Addiction Health Care Policy Assignment.