Nursing Assignment Paper.

Nursing Assignment Paper.

A scientist collected samples of various organisms and returned to the lab. for classification purposes, they need to describe their external appearance and internal physiology. For this reason, they have a special table you will need to fill out.

1.) What is common among all the samples?

2.) What is common among organisms from samples 1, 9, and 10?

3.) What is common between the circulatory system of organisms from samples 5, 6, and 7, but different in organisms from sample 4? Nursing Assignment Paper.


4.) What is common in the respiration system of organisms from samples 2 and 4? Lab Assignment Paper.

5.) What gas is delivered to the respiratory system of organisms from samples 1, 9, and 10? Why?

6.) Which organisms are producers?

7.) Which organisms are decomposers?

8.) Look at the surface of your hand. You will see the skin and hair made up of protein called keratin. Which organisms did humans inherit that protein from?

9.) Which organisms have blood? O.k., I only need answers to thes questions, NOT the chart, I have already done it! I paid twice for my last paper gotten here due to an error on your part so, can someone please answer these for me for free, just this one time? I do not get paid until midnight tonight as I am on SSD. Nursing Assignment Paper.