NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 1 Discussion

This week, you will start your LinkedIn profile. After you investigate the available resources and review the application, explain why you think this is an important tool for you professionally.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II


Week 2 Discussion

How is information technology important for the success of an organization? How does it apply to your informaticist role and how will you utilize it? Give specific examples. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 3 Discussion

Discuss why your specific research is needed and how will it affect social change, change within an organization, or change within the informatics field in general. Discuss the key people that would be involved or affected if you implement your research and how it will affect them. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 4 Discussion

There are several organizations representing informatics professionals. Review the following websites:

Discuss whether you feel membership to one or more of these organizations would benefit you in your professional informatics role. Give specific examples of the benefits you would receive. Do you feel there are any negatives to membership? Explain your reasoning for both. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 5 Discussion

What was your motivation regarding your research study? What have you found along your research journey that took you in a different direction, surprised you, or confirmed your ideas? Is there anything you would do differently if you were to implement your research?

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 6 Discussion

Research grant opportunities are specifically available for nursing. Look for grants that might align to your informatics research project. Choose one and describe the steps you would have to take to apply. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 7 Discussion

Although you did not implement a full research project, you completed the research proposal with an idea of what your actual results could be. If you ever do complete a full research project, an important step is making sure your research is published/disseminated so that other nurse informatics professionals can benefit from your hard work. There are many ways to disseminate information in nursing as seen in your text, including many different nursing journals. Think about your proposal and in what type of journal it might fit if it were published. Describe how you would disseminate your work and the reasons for your choice.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 8 Discussion

Complete your Week 8 required discussion prompt.

Use the Kaltura Mashup tool to submit your Research Presentation to the discussion board. See the Getting Started with Kaltura link listed under the Resources area in your course menu to review how to use this tool. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Submit an 8- to 10-minute recorded presentation explaining the key components of your research proposal/project. By Wednesday, submit the following points:

A brief introduction, including your research questions and hypothesis

The significance to nursing/informatics

An overview of your literature review

A summary of your design and methodology

Your sample data collection procedures

An overview of your data analysis plan

Ethical considerations

A summary and conclusion of your research proposal

Include a brief self-reflection about the project

Your presentation should be succinct and include visuals if necessary. Make sure to post your presentation by Wednesday of this week by creating a new discussion thread that includes your name in the title. By Sunday, respond to at least two of your peers’ presentations. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 1 Assignment


This week, you will submit the methodology portion of your project. In this section, you will explain your proposed research design and the foundation for your data collection. While you will not collect data for your study, you will be expected to explain how you would implement your study.

In your methodology section, include the following:

Statement of purpose

What was studied and why?

The population studies (if appropriate) and how they will be selected for the study

Description of the methodology

Is your study qualitative or quantitative and why did you choose this method?NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

If you chose quantitative, is your study:

Descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental, or experimental, and why?

If you chose qualitative, is your study:

A case study, grounded theory, phenomenology, ethnography, or historical study, and why?

What other methods were considered but discarded?

Data collection

How will you collect the data that correlates to your research method?

What are the factors that influence this data collection choice?

Identify and explain the data collection instrument and if they are published instruments or created by the researcher. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Where will the data be collected and who will collect it? How will it be recorded?

How is the data collection connected to the research questions?

What is the plan for data analysis?


Describe how you will ensure your study is trustworthy:

Qualitative: Explain strategies for credibility, dependability confirmability, and transferability.

Quantitative: Explain strategies for internal and external validity, reliability, and objectivity

Your methodology section should be 8–10 pages with cited references and support from your research.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 3 Assignment

Key Populations and Ethical Considerations

This week, compose the key population and ethical considerations portion of your research. In this section, address the following:

Describe the key populations in your study, both the participants and the researchers. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Describe any ethical considerations in relation to recruitment of the participants and your plans to address them.

Explain any ethical concerns related to data collection/intervention activities (these can include participants refusing participation or early withdrawal from the study and response to any predicable adverse events) and your plan to address them.

Describe the treatment of data, who has access to the research data, and the protection of confidential material.

Explain any conflicts of interest that may arise if your study were to be implemented.

This section of your research should be 3–4 pages in length, written in APA format with cited references.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 4 Assignment

LinkedIn Professional Profile

Your completed LinkedIn profile is due this week. It is the program expectation that you have developed a comprehensive and evolving networking tool that can be used throughout your career. Please remember that you may accomplish all of the assignment criteria using the free account. You are not required to purchase a premium account. The level of privacy you assign to your LinkedIn account is up to you. Visit Account & Settings to manage your account privacy. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Review the Getting Started With LinkedIn module on the main menu if needed.

You can print out the list of required items here.

List of required LinkedIn items Click for more options

Submit the URL link to your LinkedIn profile to the assignment dropbox for evaluation. To get the URL, you must:

Click on the arrow under your picture that says “Me” in the top right corner of of LinkedIn.

Click on the blue link that says view profile.

Click on edit your public profile on the right side of the screen.

This will show your assigned LinkedIn URL. You may edit it if you like.

It is recommended that you also include this URL on your resume/CV once your profile is complete. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Required Professional Profile Items

A professional photo linked to the account

A professional written bio

Your professional nursing philosophy

A complete and current employment history

A complete and current curriculum vitae

A complete and current education/academic history

Copies of certificates

Professional and personal references (3 or more)

A minimum of one showcase project from your WCU program (one media or written assignment that showcases your best work)

A list of volunteer and/or intern/practicum experience. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

All contact information

Include the following, if relevant

Language skills

A list of related organizations and affiliations

A list of honors and awards



Test scores and/or upload transcripts

Additional exemplary course work beyond the minimum requirement

Affiliations or causes that extend beyond your nursing career

Personal details

Published articles

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 5Assignment


The abstract is generally used as a searchable, comprehensive overview of your research. When online databases search research, they pull keywords from the abstract. Compose the abstract for your research project. Your abstract should be one page in length, and include the following: NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Describe the research problem and why it is important.

Identify the purpose of the study.

State the theoretical foundations and/or conceptual frameworks, as appropriate.

Summarize the key research question(s).

Describe concisely the overall research design, methods, and data analysis procedures.

Conclude with a statement on the implications for positive social or institutional change.

Your abstract must be a clear and concise overview of your research that would be easily searchable if you were to publish in a journal.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 6Assignment

Significance and Summary

This week, you will submit the final portion of your paper for review. Please make sure to review all of your instructor’s feedback and prepare your research for final submission in week 7.

In 3–4 pages, summarize your study. Provide a summation of evidence (referencing your literature) that the problem is current, relevant, and significant to the discipline. Reiterate the gap in the literature and how your project contributes to social or organizational change in nursing and nursing informatics. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Within your summary, state the significance of your research by identifying potential contributions of the study that advance knowledge in the discipline. This is an elaboration of what the problem addresses. Provide a strong “take home” message that captures the key essence of your research.

Last, describe recommendations for further research that are grounded in the strengths and limitations of the current research as well as the literature you reviewed. Ensure recommendations do not exceed the research boundaries.

NURS 693B Culminating Experience II

Week 7Assignment

Culminating Experience Research Proposal/Project Final Submission

Throughout your culminating experience courses, you have worked toward completion of a research proposal in your field of study. While you have not formally implemented your proposal/project, you have complete the steps of the research process with the intent of conducting your research in the future. This week, you will bring all of your research together into one final culminating assignment. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Your final paper will encompass all assignments you have completed thus far. At this point, you have submitted each section and received feedback. The final paper should be edited and professionally presented. An attempt to incorporate all previous assignment feedback should be evident. ?

Compose your individual sections into one paper, with a title page, abstract, headings delineating your sections, reference page(s) and appendices (if applicable). The following should be included in your final submission:

Title page


Introduction and background

Problem statement, purpose and research questions

Literature review

Theoretical or conceptual framework

Predictions, outcomes, and variables (or limitations, depending on your research)


Key stakeholders

Ethical considerations

Significance and Summary

The paper should be at least 30 pages in length including title page, abstract, references and appendices (if applicable). It must follow APA Manual (6th ed.). Each section of the paper should be clearly identified using proper APA headings. The final paper should be professionally written in a manner suitable for publication. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.

Make sure you have incorporated all feedback and are submitting a clean copy with comments removed. NURS 693B Culminating Experience II Discussions and Assignments.