NR 510: Practicum Process Assignment

NR 510 Week 1: Practicum Process Assignment

Welcome from the Practicum Team and the FNP Practicum Process

Welcome to the course! This announcement contains important information on getting started with your practicum placement for your upcoming NR511 course. NR 510: Practicum Process. This is a student driven process and your prompt attention to the procedures below will increase the likelihood that you will be placed at a practicum site in time for NR511. Locating a practicum site is not an easy process due to the competition with other programs who are also seeking student placement. Therefore, it is imperative that you begin the process now. The practicum team is here to assist you with your practicum placement and will support you through all of the steps toward getting approval to register for NR511.


If you completed this process while in NR503 and submitted a practicum application as directed, then this does not apply to you. This applies to students who have not already submitted a practicum application NR 510 Week 1: Practicum Process Assignment

Now that you are in NR510, it is essential that you begin the process immediately by completing the following steps in this order: NR 510: Practicum Process.

  1. Review the FNP Student Handbook if you have not already done so. The handbook outlines the practicum process, including the student and practicum coordinator expectations. The handbook can be accessed at the following link: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Review the PowerPoint presentation, MSN FNP Practicum Preparation, located in the Course Resource section of the course.
  3. If you have any questions, please reach out to your FNP Practicum Coordinator. You can locate the name of your FNP Practicum Coordinator (PC) by reviewing the following document in the Course Resource section of the course, Communicate with Your Practicum Coordinator. NR 510: Practicum Process. The PCs are listed by state. Simply locate your state of residence and there, you will find the name of your PC and their contact information. The form also contains deadlines for reaching out to your practicum coordinator, which is based on the session that you plan to begin your first practicum course. NR 510: Practicum Process.