NR 451 Week 5: Core Competencies for Nurses Discussion

NR 451 Week 5: Core Competencies for Nurses Discussion

For NR 451 Week 5: Core Competencies for Nurses Discussion, Explore the website for the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. How can the QSEN competencies for nurses be implemented into your workplace or professional nursing setting? If you are not currently employed as a nurse, consider a previous work setting that would have benefited from implementation of the QSEN competencies.

NR 451 Week 5: Core Competencies for Nurses Discussion SAMPLE

The QSEN has six core competencies used in nursing to include: patient-centered care, teamwork and collaboration, evidence based practice, quality improvement, safety, and informatics.“Enhanced communication along with care coordination, patientintegration, care quality, safety, and improving access are essential components that can actively integrate patients and their caretakers into the healthcare team”(Carr,2017,p.39).


As nurses we use these competencies within are practice, sometimes daily. Patient-centered care should be used daily within nursing practice. My practice setting is a nursing home, and it is all about the resident. At the nursing home we center everything on the residents including activities, meals, and even our lunch break. Team work is another aspect of competencies that is used daily. The nurses work together to achieve task that need to be done throughout the day, and coordinating care with the certified nursing assistances. With my practice I use evidence based practice often as I am a wound care nurse. When starting this position I knew very little about wounds. This led me to seek more information on how to treat and manage wounds with evidence based practice. Quality improvement is another area that is being focused on by state. With the final rule quality improvement is a huge part of nursing home regulation, and is a topic I am looking more into at this time. It is a very complicated process. Safety should be taken in every nursing practice every second of the day. We use call lights, locks on doors, alarms, and many other interventions to assure safety for out residents. Informatics is growing in healthcare. We use electronic medical records in our facility to document medication use. We also have reports that we can pull to show graphs of different area that we may need to look at. NR 451 Week 5: Core Competencies for Nurses Discussion References

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