Non-Parametric Tests Essay Example

Non-Parametric Tests Essay Example

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Non-Parametric Tests – Data that conform to a pattern of distribution are known as “parametric data.” Since the data have a perceivable pattern, the researcher can make certain assumptions about them.

Not all data conform to a pattern, though, and statistics designed for use with those data are known as being “non-parametric.” While they do not come with the assumptions required by parametric tests, they often are not as powerful—having an increased risk of type 2 error—thus they require larger sample sizes. Non-Parametric Tests Essay Example,


For this Discussion, you assess the appropriate use of a non-parametric test in research.

With these thoughts in mind:

Chose a peer-reviewed journal article from this week’s Learning Resources.

Post  the title of the article you selected. Explain whether the non-parametric test used in the study was appropriate and why. Then, suggest one alternative test that could have been used in the study. Justify the use of the alternative test.

Non-Parametric Tests

Select one of the following articles for the Discussion Question:

  • Clough, A. R., Lee, K., Cairney, S., Maruff, P., O’Reilly, B., d’Abbs, P., & Conigrave, K. M. (2006). Changes in cannabis use and its consequences over 3 years in a remote indigenous population in northern Australia. Addiction101(5), 696–705.
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  • Di Noia, J., Contento, I. R.  (2009). Non-Parametric Tests Essay Example. Criterion validity and user acceptability of a CD-ROM-mediated food record for measuring fruit and vegetable consumption among black adolescents. Public Health Nutrition12(1), 3–11. Non-Parametric Tests Essay Example
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  • Karakousis, P. C., Sifakis, F. G., de Oca, R. M., Amorosa, V. C., Page, K. R., Manabe, Y. C., & Campbell, J. D. (2007). U.S. medical resident familiarity with national tuberculosis guidelines. BMC Infectious Diseases7(1), 89. Non-Parametric Tests Essay Example.
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  • Muckelbauer, R., Libuda, L., & Kersting, M. (2010). Relative validity of a self-completion 24 h recall questionnaire to assess beverage consumption among schoolchildren aged 7 to 9 years. Public Health Nutrition13(2), 187–195.
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  • Rovniak, L. S., Hovell, M. F., Hofstetter, C. R., Blumberg, E. J., Sipan, C. L., Batista, M. F., & … Ayala, G. X. (2010). Engaging community businesses in human immunodeficiency virus prevention: A feasibility study. American Journal of Health Promotion24(5), 347–353.
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  • Urch, B., Silverman, F., Corey, P., Brook, J. R., Lukic, K. Z., Rajagopalan, S., & Brook, R. D. (2005). Acute blood pressure responses in healthy adults during controlled air pollution exposures. Environmental Health Perspectives113(8), 1052–1055.
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  • Vereecken, C., Covents, M., & Maes, L.  (2010). Comparison of a food frequency questionnaire with an online dietary assessment tool for assessing preschool children’s dietary intake. Journal of Human Nutrition & Dietetics23(5), 502–510.
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