Needs Assessment Process Assignment Paper

Needs Assessment Process Assignment Paper

NUR 544 WEEK 4 Needs Assessment Process

WEEK 4 Needs Assessment Process. Review the following scenario (same as week 2):

The fictitious leader to whom you sent the letter is very interested in your ideas of how to meet the needs of older adults in the community. They would like to meet with you and to find out more information. Needs Assessment Process Assignment Paper


Create a flow chart or step-by-step guide identifying how you would complete a needs assessment for the population in the case study. Services currently provided by this agency consist of a congregate meal site and a foot clinic. You wonder whether these services are meeting the needs of the target population and whether additional services should be offered.

Include the following information:  Needs Assessment Process Assignment Paper

  • Identify the steps you will take.
  • Describe the data you would need to collect, the source(s), and why you would need this data at each step (can be on a separate document).
  • Describe the data collection methods you would use and why.
  • Explain the importance of working with the community to identify resources and establish priority health needs.

Include at least 3 scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles, and develop an APA-formatted reference page.

Submit the WEEK 4 Needs Assessment Process assignment as directed by the instructor.  Needs Assessment Process Assignment Paper