Levels of Nursing Intervention Essay Assignment

Levels of Nursing Intervention Essay Assignment

Practicum Activities: Consider Levels of Nursing Intervention Assignment

Practicum Activities: Consider Levels of Nursing Intervention: This week your instructor has assigned you to consider the levels of intervention used in the community health setting. The three levels are community-level practice, systems-level practice, and individual-level practice. What do these terms mean? Read about the levels of intervention on page 192 to 193 of your textbook. To improve population health, the community nurse carries out her culturally-competent care sequentially and simultaneously at all levels of intervention.


Also, consider community resources as they relate to your chosen population-based health problem.

  • Services provided by others health care providers
  • Lack of services
  • Cultural/ beliefs of community
  • Health/illness beliefs
  • Values, attitudes, health behaviors and practices

Please address the following:

  • Think about the how levels of intervention relate to the work you are doing regarding your population group’s health problem. Provide three examples of interventions, one for each level of intervention, that are appropriate actions to take regarding your population’s problem.
  • Provide a few examples of community resources that need to be in place to assist your population group’s problem. Resources are especially important to assist vulnerable populations with reducing their health risks and disparities.
  • Are there any cultural-based related issues regarding your group that should inform your approach to care?

Post your response to this Levels of Nursing Intervention Essay Assignment Discussion by Day 5. Respond to at least two colleagues’ postings by Day 7. See the Week 4 Practicum Discussion area for details.