Investigation into Cancers Assignment

Investigation into Cancers Assignment

Unit 8 Assignment
Investigation into Cancers: Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. You have been invited by your local community health department to give a PowerPoint presentation on cancers. Your goal is to educate your audience about the definition of cancer, the causes, means for early detection and preventative measures. The meeting will take place at the health department during a community health fair. Be mindful that your target audience will be composed of people from the local community who most likely will not have a background in science or medicine. Investigation into Cancers Assignment.


Your assignment will be to pick one cancer and discuss each of the following:

Introduction to cancers.
Describe to the audience the characteristics of a cancer cell.
Indicate which cancer is the focus of your presentation.
Identify which tissues and/or organs in the human body are affected by this cancer.
The incidence rate of this type of cancer.
Typical age of onset for this type of cancer.
Explain the risk factors and/or causes of this cancer.

Investigation into Cancers Assignment
How this cancer is detected and diagnosed.
Pictures and/or illustrations of cancer cells.
The risk of metastasis for this cancer.
How this cancer is treated including the long-term prognosis. What are the survival rates?
Measures that people may take to prevent this cancer both medical and holistic.
Reference page including citations in standard APA format.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be written with your audience in mind. Remember, your audience does not have a science or medical background, so you will need to translate any “jargon” into something that they will understand. Investigation into Cancers Assignment.

You must write your “script” of what you will say to your audience in the notes section of each PowerPoint slide. Each slide will have a picture and/or bullet points, along with your notes located in the notes section below the slide, with the specific talking points you will deliver to the audience. Investigation into Cancers Assignment.

The presentation should be between 10–15 slides, not including the title and references slides.

Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

An effective PowerPoint presentation will include:

An introduction: bulleted list of background and key points
A body: multiple slides, each with one key point
A conclusion: bulleted list of major points Investigation into Cancers Assignment