Human Resources Class Essay Assignment Paper

Human Resources Class Essay Assignment Paper

The Training Paradox is a very interesting phenomenon in that it has its pros and cons.  The Paradox according to Cascio, is where an employee increases their employee’s chances of being courted and hired by a competitor while at the same time giving the employee job security, satisfaction and the desire to remain with their current employer.Human Resources Class Essay Assignment Paper


While employers have no control over when and if an employee decides to leave the company and work elsewhere, they can, and must provide enough training so that an employee is engaged and truly interested and satisfied with their work and/or position within the company.  Often times, some employees are not given the required training to effectively do their jobs and many can become frustrated and seek new opportunities with and organization or company that has an intensive training program, or depending on the individual nature of the job or the learning style of the employee, “Just-in-time training,” creates a valuable tool for employers where new hires are given specific tasks and responsibilities, as soon as they are hired, that are meaningful, doable and they in turn have real roles and feel that they are part of the company and team (Marshall, 2008). Human Resources Class Essay Assignment Paper

For me personally, I was in a training paradox situation when I accepted a nursing internship after completing nursing school and passing my licensure exam.  A large hospital in Dallas recruited me during my last semester in nursing school for their intensive six-month OR Nurse Internship program.  I accepted the position and began the internship two weeks after my graduation.  The internship started out great, but in the middle of the program, our OR Educator for new nurses resigned and we were left with little to no guidance and training, other than relying on the experienced nurses in the operating room.  A large number of us felt isolated, deserted and stressed.  Needless to say, three of us made the decision to leave the internship program.  It was explained to us before accepting the job, and we signed a contract, that if we decided to leave the company before two years, we would be responsible for paying back the cost of the internship program.  This amounted to a considerable amount, and it was deducted from our last paychecks and what was left, we were responsible for.  This is a good determent for some employees who are tempted to leave the company after training.Human Resources Class Essay Assignment Paper

In my opinion, if employees offer training programs that actually engage the employee and then continuously offer training and advancement opportunities, it will lessen the effect of the training paradox.  Also, if employees are feeling stagnant in the positions, companies could offer them a transfer to another department or position, if feasible.  After all, when you increase your employee’s employability outside the company it in turn increases that person’s job security and desire to remain with their current employer (Cascio, 2012). Human Resources Class Essay Assignment Paper


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