Healthcare Changing Forces Reading Assignment Paper

Healthcare Changing Forces Reading Assignment Paper

Upon completion of this unit, the student will be able to:

1. Describe the forces that are changing in the health care system.

2. Discuss changes in paying for health care.

3. Explain how quality improvement and benchmarking can reduce medical errors.


4. Explain how evidence-based practice is changing in nursing and in the health professions.

5. Explain how to become a Magnet-certified hospital

6. Explain what emerging technologies mean for nursing and the health care professions.

7. Discuss how cultural, gender and generational differences affect management

8. Explain why preparation is the best defense against violence and disasters

9. Discuss the changes and challenges that nurses and health care professionals face.

10. Discuss how organizational theories differ.

11. Describe the different types of health care organizations & explain how they are structured.

12. Discuss various ways that health care is provided.

13. Demonstrate how strategic planning guides the organization’s future

14. Discuss how organizational environment and culture affect workplace conditions.

15. Describe how the delivery system structures nursing care (Nurses only).

16. Describe what types of nursing care delivery systems exist (Nurses only).

17. Describe the positive and negative aspects of different systems (Nurses only).

18. Describe evolving types of delivery systems that have emerged (Nurses only).

19. Explain characteristics of effective delivery systems (Nurses only).