Exemplification-Definition Essay Assignment

Exemplification-Definition Essay Assignment

The Exemplification-Definition Essay Assignment and the Instructions are listed below:

Definition which entails defining a word or phrase denotatively (as found in a dictionary) and connotatively (implied, either positive or negative, according to the context in which the word or term is used). The nature of this assignment, combining two rhetorical modes, requires both denotative and connotative definitions of the term that you are analyzing, and your use of sufficient examples that make its meaning clear and unambiguous. Exemplification-Definition Essay Assignment. This means that you are relying on the examples to help clarify what you are defining and coherently analyzing.


(My introduction paragraph must display/explain why the definition I picked is important)

Select one of the following below:  The thesis statement will be my definition. Example: Civil disobedience is an act or political gesture that purposely disobeys an unjust law.


In your essay, you are selecting from one of the following:

a slang or colloquial expression

civil disobedience


The American Dream




shadow banning



Upon completing your brainstorming activity, organize your ideas into a formal outline. See Patterns, p. 43 and pp. 62-63 for assistance or use the “Planning an Expository Essay” outline on Blackboard to help guide you through this part of the writing process.

  • The paper’s purpose is to inform and evident in the use of Standard Edited English language.
  • The paper’s audience is college students and evident in the college level of vocabulary and style.
  • The paper’s tone is professional and formal.
  • Exemplification-Definition Essay


Approximately 650 to 750 words, not to exceed three pages.

Notes Below:

This essay is a formal analysis and to be written in the third person; therefore, do not use any first- or second-person “I,” “my,” “we,” “us,” “our,” “you” and “your,” except when quoting from a source.

  1. The writing is to adhere to standards of Edited English; therefore, you are not to use contractions, abbreviations and symbols, informal language, slang, and colloquialism, except when quoting from a source. Exemplification-Definition Essay.

iii.    Avoid beginning sentences with: “There is,” “There are,” “It is,” “It was,” “There has,” “There have,” and so on. These openings delay the subject of the sentence and cause wordiness. EXAMPLE:

o    Weak: There were many books borrowed from the library by diligent student-researchers (12 words).

o   Revised: Diligent student-researchers borrowed many books from the library (9 words). Exemplification-Definition Essay Assignment.