Ethical Principles Essay

Ethical Principles Essay

The chosen case is Jahi Mcmath

For our discussion this week, we are going to look at the various ethical principles and how agencies deal with ethical issues
. In healthcare, patients are the center of almost all ethical and moral debates and dilemmas
.While most hospitals have ethics committees, not all do and few public and home health agencies have one”>Access theEthics Library Guide for helpful search tips, as well as APA tips. Ethical Principles Essay


Important: submit your initial post to the corresponding thread that lists your case study

Initial Post:

High Profile Ethics Case Study from choice poll:
Describe and reflect on your thoughts and feelings about the case. How does this case impact your nursing practice?
Define two (2) ethical principles that apply to the case. Explain how each principle applies (share case study details in your response).
Review thePrototypes of Ethical Problems. Choose one of the prototypes that applies to this dilemma. Define the prototype and explain how it applies to the case. How
Ethics Committees:
Share an example of when you were involved with or aware of a case that went to the ethics committee for consideration. Briefly explain the dilemma in 2-3 sentences and share how the dilemma was resolved. Include specific details or steps the committee took to resolve the dilemma. The focus of this response should be on the actions of the committee and individual members*. Answer these or other related questions: Ethical Principles Essay

Do members of the committee need to obtain training prior to being on the committee? Is there annual training?
How does the healthcare team begin the process for an ethics committee evaluation?
Are there specific forms to fill out?
Can a patient or family make a referral to the committee?
What is the process in your agency for making a referral to the ethics committee?
Share any other pertinent information you find in your research.

*Yournarrative should be focused on the process, not the actual dilemma details. Responses that focus more on the dilemma details than on the processes and actions of the team will incur point deductions. You may need to speak with your nurse manager or someone on the committee to obtain this information. If you don’t have a comment in your agency, share the detailed processes set up within your agency. Ethical Principles Essay

The Gold Standard: “What do human dignity and respectdemand of us?” (Doherty & Purtilo, 2016, p. 18)
Choose one of the four bulleted questions located under the Gold Standard statement. Answer this question in respect to your case study. Be sure your response to this question is substantiated with details from the case (be sure to cite both the Gold Standard statement and your chosen question).

Do not cite definitions from an encyclopedia or dictionary

Types of scholarly articles to choose for this week:

Article must share new knowledge on ethics in some way. Articles that share additional details or confirm details about the case will not earn credit.
Be sure the article shares something new, content that is not part of the weekly readings (such as the definition of an ethics committee)

Read this if you chose Jahi McMath for initial or response posts: The New Yorker article by Rachel Aviv is a great resource for learning more about the case, though it is a magazine, not a peer-reviewed journal. You can cite this source, though it cannot be considered as yourscholarly source. You can find this article in the reading list. Ethical Principles Essay