Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper

Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper

This week you will share your findings from your problem paper. You will write up an abstract summarizing your findings. Your abstract should consist of 100 to 500 words.Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper Keep in mind that an abstract should summarize your research, including its key themes and problems and providing your major conclusions.


Discussion- Presentation of Epidemiological Problem Abstract SAMPLE

The topic that I chose for epidemiological problem assignment is Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) incidence, prevalence, the mortality rate in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper The objective of the paper is to identify this disease problem in my community and provide a background of the disease, current surveillance methods and any mandated reporting, descriptive epidemiology analysis, diagnosis and screening, and plan of action with literature evidence.

HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system, specifically the CD4 cells through blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and breastfeeding. HIV can lead to AIDS when left untreated. The signs and symptoms of HIV are different in each person and stages. It requires both laboratories and healthcare providers to report subsequent lab tests and new cases of HIV and AIDS within seven days (DPH, 2018). Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper

Using an evidence-based researches and literature, the writer compared HIV cumulative incidence, prevalence, and mortality rate from 2014 to 2016 by different race, ethnicity, and population. According to the data, the 2016 proportion of people with diagnosed HIV was 44% among African Americans, 83% of Hispanic/Latino, and 28% among Asians (CDC, 2018b). Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper With those racial groups, the most affected sub populations were male who had sexual contact with a male. 52% of African Americans died from HIV disease, 916 deaths among Hispanics/Latinos, and 53 American Indians and Alaska Native from 2014 to 2016 (2018a). In 2016, aged between 13 to 24 made up 21% of new HIV diagnoses in the United States and 81 % of them occurred among bisexual men and young gay (CDC, 2018a)….

Discussion- Presentation of Epidemiological Problem Abstract SAMPLE RESPONSE


Your abstract touches on how problematic and serious HIV/AIDS are in the United States and more specifically, Atlanta. My problem topic was on syphilis. Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper A lot of your information about HIV is quite similar to my findings. Syphilis is more common in men (especially MSM) and in minorities. The ways to prevent syphilis is the same as HIV: wearing condoms, limiting sexual partners, not selling sex for money, and so forth. Our target population are the same and education is seriously needed in order to stop this STD epidemic.Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper Both STDs can progress and can cause serious harm if not screened in time. Frequent screening for our high-risk populations are needed; therefore, early diagnosing and treatment can be provided. Both problems are re portable diseases to the local health department. We as health care providers should continue to use the CDC as a reference to help them in managing positive syphilis and HIV cases…..Epidemiological Problem Abstract Research Paper