Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper

Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper

Describe the various elements necessary for effective leadership within a coalition. Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper How does this apply to your professional practice or life?

NR 506 Week 3 Discussion: Effective Coalition Leadership SAMPLE APPROACH

Week 3: Effective Coalition Leadership

There are many necessary elements for effective leadership within a coalition. To be effective, coalitions require multiple things from leadership including effective communication, conflict resolution, perception of fairness and shared decision –making (SAMHSA, 2017). Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper Shared leadership is also an important element. Leaders within the group need to have a defined role and also needs a group of people that are actively participating. Shared leadership is a way for the coalition to tackle the most challenging tasks as a group. It is the job of the leaders to create a positive work environment for each employee as well, which can be a difficult thing to do. Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper


Knowledge development and skill building are other necessary elements for any leader as well. The nursing profession is constantly changing and as younger nurses come in, the leaders need to continue to develop knowledge not only about the nursing practices, but also about the management side of things. Skill building is an element that needs to occur in order for the team to work effectively and efficiently (MacDonald & Shriberg, 2016). Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper

Effective leadership affects many areas of both my personal and professional life. Managers in our facility are required to go to a leadership development seminar 4 times every year. This keeps the leaders up to date on not only the new practices in the nursing profession, but also new leadership strategies. Our department has had some difficulty in the past taking accountability for their actions, which our leader was in tuned to and has worked with our department very closely in order to correct this. For staff members, this is great in multiple ways. We trust our manager as a leader and know she has the ability to coach us to be better. We also see that she might not be working with us every single day, but can recognize when something is not working well in the department. Having effective leadership is so important in every coalition, especially in the nursing profession. Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper

Week 3: Effective Coalition Leadership References:

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Week 3: Effective Coalition Leadership SAMPLE RESPONSE

You have made some excellent points about what takes to become an effective leader. Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper During my undergraduate nursing studies, all of my professors would say that “nurses have made a professional commitment to learning.”  They would also say that “nurses in leadership positions should become experts in relationship-building and accountability.” Effective leadership in coalitions includes these three aspects, just as effective nurse leaders should hone and build on these skills to lead their teams and organizations to successful outcomes. In my area of nursing (LTC), I see that nursing competency does not always prepare a person to become a leader. I have been employed at medical facilities in which the Director of Nursing is well-skilled in nursing techniques and procedures, but less than apt at supervising nursing staff. I have also been supervised by LTC charge nurses who did awesome jobs of assessing patients and making sure the appropriate care had been given, but who were intimidated by staff nurses. I stated in my post that leadership is a skill or ability that must be taught. Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper You allude to skill building  in your post, as well. A featured blog post on the Nurse.com site by Williamson (2017) says that there is a difference between a nurse manager and a nurse leader. I think the author’s explanation makes good sense. Do you believe there is a difference between the two, they complement each other, or they are one in the same?

Thank you



Williamson, E. (2017, May 23). Nurse manager vs. nurse leader: What’s the difference?. Retrieved from https://www.nurse.com/blog/2017/05/23/nurse-manager-vs-nurse-leader-whats-the-difference/ Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper

The people who lead, participate in and implement the activities of the coalition affect the growth and development of the group. Coalitions with strong leadership are better able to create policy, systems and environmental change in their communities (Roussos and Fawcett, 2000). Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper This type of leadership requires a variety of skills, many of which are listed in this fact sheet. A coalition may benefit from a leadership team made up of people with different experiences and skills, given the diverse nature of skills required for success.

Common Leadership Roles

  • Coalition Coordinator or Facilitator: conducts meetings, plans and implements activities, provides general oversight to the coalition
  • Committee Chairs: conduct workgroup meetings, serve as liaisons between committee and coalition
  • Secretary: notifies coalition members of upcoming meetings, takes meeting minutes
  • Treasurer: prepares budget, manages resources, maintains financial records Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper

Shared leadership is recommended for coalitions, as it exposes the coalition to new ideas, reduces dependency on a single person, helps prevent burnout and provides more members with leadership opportunities. A coalition should foster an environment where future leaders can develop, and it may want to consider creating terms of office to encourage diverse leadership.

Leadership Skills

Different skills may be more or less important at different stages of coalition development. Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper During the formation process, for example, facilitation and listening skills are often useful for the recruitment and engagement of diverse members. In a more mature coalition, negotiation and advocacy skills may be needed to bring about more complex environmental change (Roussos and Fawcett, 2000).

Members of the leadership team should possess good communication, negotiation and networking skills. They should also be able to do the following:

  • Set priorities
  • Delegate tasks to coalition members
  • Encourage shared leadership
  • Encourage information sharing
  • Understand how their community operates
  • Frame the mission and vision of the coalition to stakeholders in order to engage other leaders throughout different community sectors Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper
  • Practice cultural competence
    • Roussos and Fawcett define cultural competence as the respect for, engagement with and mutual influence among people of different ethnic, racial and economic backgrounds.

The Role of the Facilitator

The facilitator brings diverse ideas together and rallies members around a common concern or goal. There are specific skills and qualities that can help a facilitator effectively manage a coalition. Some of these skills (problem solving, conflict management and decision making) are covered in later fact sheets in this series. Other skills may come with experience. Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper An effective facilitator should strive to do the following:

  • Do more listening than talking
  • Discern when to facilitate and when to participate
  • Steer the group away from competitiveness
  • Provide positive feedback and reinforcement of good work
  • Engage all members in the work of the group
  • Keep all meetings focused on the goals of the coalition
  • Establish brainstorming sessions where members can freely share ideas
  • Involve all members in coalition meetings, including the quiet ones


  • Develop an awareness of what is not being said and how to have it stated
  • Tie together various questions and concerns raised in group discussion
  • Lead thorough discussions of controversial issues that result in a group consensus Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper
  • Make sure that all members are aware of decisions that are made by the group
  • Create an environment of trust where members can share their ideas comfortably and confidently
  • Structure opportunities for members to participate in coalition activities, such as conducting a community assessment or recruiting new members
    • These opportunities provide members with a chance to acquire and develop new skills, which keep them engaged in the work of the coalition (Kegler and Swan, 2012).

Qualities of an Effective Facilitator

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Positivity
  • Belief in the coalition
  • Flexibility in coordinating meetings and activities
  • Neutrality
  • Attention to/support for member concerns Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper

Although these qualities are especially helpful when possessed by the facilitator, other coalition members and leaders may possess qualities that could be beneficial to the group. It is important to recognize and utilize these leadership skills, as equal voice and participatory leadership are encouraged within coalitions to move the group forward and to help reduce conflict. Additional proactive strategies to manage and reduce conflict are covered in the 15th fact sheet in this series titled Common Difficulties Faced by Coalitions.

Effective Coalition Leadership Research Paper