Development Matrix Assignment Paper

Development Matrix Assignment Paper

Development Matrix Assignment- PSY 211 WEEK 3

Development Matrix Assignment

Complete all three parts.

Part I – Developmental Stages

Development Matrix Assignment Paper

For each developmental domain (physical, cognitive, and social), identify two major milestones associated with the following stages: childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.


Stage of Development Physical Development Cognitive Development Social Development
Adulthood Development Matrix Assignment Paper

Development Matrix Assignment Part II – Developmental Gaps

Respond to the following in 175 to 350 words:

Demonstrate the interdependence of physical, cognitive, and social development by imagining how a persons’ behavior would be impacted by a deficit. Create a scenario in which one area (physical, cognitive, social) is underdeveloped and describe the possible results. Focus on a specific stage of development (childhood or adolescence) and predict how a later stage (adolescence or adulthood) would be impacted by the lack of development of that area during an earlier stage (e.g., how a lack of cognitive development during childhood would affect the behavior of an adolescent).  Development Matrix Assignment Paper

Part III – Nature Versus Nurture

Using your own words, write 175 to 350 words describing the concept of “nature versus nurture.” Be sure to explain how nature, nurture, and both concepts are involved in development. Development Matrix Assignment Paper