Cultural Crisis: Dealing With Divorce Assignment

Cultural Crisis: Dealing With Divorce Assignment

I wanted to remind everyone that the Research Paper Paper is due on Monday, October 1st by 11:59 pm. You are required to write an 8–10-page paper in APA format. The paper should include a title page, abstract, and reference page (not included in the page total). The paper should also include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed articles which include research data.


You will choose a topic covered in the textbook or course. In your paper, you must include the following sections: description of the crisis, historical context of the crisis (up to 5 years ago), prevalence of the crisis (in the last 5 years), therapeutic interventions used to intervene, and a critical analysis of the pros and cons of the identified crisis in a specific culture. Examples of topics are Substance Abuse among Native Americans in the U.S., or Human Trafficking in Thailand. Cultural Crisis: Dealing With Divorce Assignment.

In general, websites should not be used for sources in a Cultural Crisis: Dealing With Divorce Assignment research paper. The best place to find scholarly journals and sources is our online library. Please follow the steps below:

Sign in to myLU on liberty login

On the next page, click on the “Library” tab. You will find this in the middle of the screen under “My Access”

Type in terms related to your research topic in the “Search Anything” box, then click the drop down box to the left that says “All,” then select “Articles,” then click on the green “Go” box

On the next page, under “Refine your search,” click on “Scholarly & Peer-Review”

Another good website for locating scholarly sources is: Cultural Crisis: Dealing With Divorce Assignment.