Creating Online Quizzes Assignment.

Creating Online Quizzes Assignment.

The testing and assessment process is often a struggle for educators. For many, finding the balance between a seemingly “hard” or “easy” question takes much practice. Furthermore, the development of question formats and stems can be a difficult concept to master. To aid in quiz development, nurse educators can use models such as The 3Cs(illustrated below) to focus more on the content of their questions and less on the actual construction. Nurse educators can also use prompts and templates provided at quiz development websites to assist quiz design. These websites can also help instructors easily administer quizzes in the online environment. Creating Online Quizzes Assignment.

The 3Cs Model of Test Item Writing:

·         Content, concepts, and criterion. Use the content of the lesson as well as overarching concepts and nursing criterion (like NCLEX and other formal assessments) as a blueprint for your questions. In addition, consider the ideas and teachable moments that have occurred in the classroom or during clinical rotations.

·         Clarity and complexity. Be sure that your question stems are clear, straightforward, and use simple language. In addition, write your questions at the application or analysis level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. This will prompt students to move beyond basic comprehension and memorization.

·         Critique. Always go back and examine the questions that you have created. This process should be completed both before and after examinations. As with all teaching strategies, evaluation and revision is imperative to ensure the effectiveness of instruction. Creating Online Quizzes Assignment.


Questions to be addressed on my paper:

1.       Review this week’s Learning Resources on developing multiple-choice quiz questions. How might you use the 3Cs and other best practices to craft your own quiz questions?

2.       Select one Lesson Plan (which is Pulmonary Edema) you will use as the focus of your online quiz. Then, craft three quiz questions (write your questions at the application or analysis level of Bloom’s Taxonomy) that are closely linked to the learning objectives and learning need of the lesson.

Learning Objectives:

a.       Explain how to recognize the clinical manifestations of patient with pulmonary edema

b.      Describe the treatment regimens of pulmonary edema

c.       Analyze  the priority nursing interventions for patients with pulmonary edema

d.      Create a concept map of pulmonary edema. Creating Online Quizzes Assignment.

3.       Brief description of one challenge that you experienced in crafting meaningful quiz questions and one challenge you experienced in using the technology platform. Briefly explain how you overcame each of these challenges.

4.       Explain whether you would use this technology to facilitate quiz development in a future learning environment and why.



1.      Put APA citations and references between 2011 – 2016… References that are below 2010 are obsolete already…. Creating Online Quizzes Assignment.

2.      At least two pages

Required Readings

Bristol, T. J., & Zerwekh, J. (2011). Essentials of e-learning for nurse educators. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company.

  • Chapter 9, “E-Learning Assessment” (pp. 165–179)


Chapter 9 provides a brief description of each of the following e-learning assessments: rubrics, examinations, discussions, essays/papers, performance assessments, simulations/case studies, and portfolios. Creating Online Quizzes Assignment.