Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing

Practicum Activities: Identify a Population Group: Community health nursing needs to be not only on the individual, but also the family and the community. This activity is intended to teach you how the term community health is about identifying problems and managing interactions within the community. In meeting multiple needs, community health nurses are required to fulfill multiple roles. These roles include care provider, educator, advocate, manager, collaborator, leader and researcher. Community Health Nursing


This week, your instructor has assigned you to choose a population group that you will write about for the next six weeks. Community health nursing settings include homes, ambulatory care settings, schools, occupational heath settings, residential institutions, and the community at large. Knowing about these settings may assist you in choosing your population group. Read more about populations in your textbook.
Please address the following Community Health Nursing:

  • Introduce yourself to your team members. Where do you work?
  • Briefly describe the community where you live.
  • For the purpose of the Population-Based Nursing Care Project, choose a population group that interests you.
  • Describe what the members of your chosen group have in common? For example, do they share some important features in their lives?
  • What are some health problems or issues that you can think of that may affect the population that you are interested in?.

Post your response to this Discussion by Day 5. Respond to at least two colleagues’ postings by Day 7. See the Week 6 Practicum Discussion area for details. Community Health Nursing