Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography

Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography: Childhood Obesity

Atay, Z and Bereket, A. (2016). Current status on obesity in childhood and adolescence:

Prevalence, etiology, co-morbidities and management. Obesity Medicine. 3. 1-9

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in the United States and all around the world. The  article focuses on the seriousness of the comorbidities can lead to the development of disease that can negatively affect people’s day-to-day quality of life. Conditions like diabetes and heart disease that can actually claim people lives; childhood obesity is shortening their lifespan.  These comorbidities can be prevented and so can childhood obesity. It discusses the rising prevalence, genetic and social ramifications and discusses means to prevent obesity among children in the United States. The authors do an effective job of presenting the issues with professional approach. The information is laid out clearly and concisely. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography. This article would be highly beneficial to the research into childhood obesity. It offers concrete facts ad comparisons that are difficult to argue with. It would be a trusted source and it is likely to be relied upon throughout the research Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography


Pandita, A., Sharma, D. and et. al. (2016). Childhood obesity: Prevention is better than cure.

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy. 9. 83-89.

Obesity is one of those conditions that has become epidemic in the United States and it can lead to life-threatening comorbid diseases, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Obesity is destroying the youths of children and having damaging effects well into adulthood. Given all of the negative elements that come with obesity, especially in children, is something that can be avoided. While there are some people who have a higher risk factor for obesity due to genetic history of obesity, most children can steered away from obesity. Today childhood obesity is approached by a pediatrician, nutritionists and dieticians that help change their eating habits and incorporate healthy activities into their lives. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography. Understanding all of the things that causes and contributors to childhood obesity is the key to preventing and eliminating the health risk for millions of children once and for all. The authors do a fantastic job of presenting the information clearly. It is very cut and dry. This no-nonsense article will be highly beneficial to the research on this topic. It would be a source beneficial in finding those causes and solutions to the problem at hand.

Sahoo, K., Sahoo, B. and et. al. (2015). Childhood obesity: Causes and consequences. Journal of Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography

Family Medicine and Primary Care. 4(2). 187-192

When people look at the youth of today. It seems like more and more children are becoming more and more overweight, even reaching obesity before they even enter middle school. There are a lot of disease risk factors related to childhood obesity, but there are also psychological and social issues that arise from being an obesity child or teen. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography. These youths can be ostracized and unaccepted by their peers. This is a harsh reality. However, one cannot stop childhood obesity without understanding what causes it to begin with. Firstly there is the reliance on processed and fast-foods and secondly it the lack of physical activity. Modern technology has made men, women and children are leading far more sedentary lifestyles than ever before. By maintaining a more healthy diet and regular exercise then childhood obesity can be brought under control. The authors do a good job of laying out the causes and consequences of childhood obesity in the 21stcentury. This article will be beneficial to the research on this topic because it is clear and concise. This article will help set up the parameters regarding the history and causes, which is hugely beneficial to finding a positive solution to childhood obesity in the United States and all across the globe. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography.

Wen, L.M., Rissel, C and He, G. (2017). The effects of early life factor and early interventions on childhood overweight and obesity 2016. Journal of Obesity. 1-3. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography.

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the United States and it is becoming a pandemic on the global level. The reality is that it is not just teens that are becoming obese, it is not just children in elementary school, shockingly, even toddlers and infants are being diagnosed as obese. This is a serious problem. The article outlines how there is a need for early interventions that can prevent obesity at any age before it ever happens.  The sooner that parents take a more involved effort in their own healthy eating and setting a good example the greater chance they have of preventing their children from becoming obese. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography. It is necessary to set food relationship patterns in youth so that eating healthy is a priority. The authors do a good job of laying down the facts and making all of the information easy to understand. This article is highly beneficial for this research and it will likely be relied upon for much of the information in the research Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018). Prevalence of childhood obesity in the

United States. CDC. 1. Retrieved September 6, 2018, from


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is dedicated to understanding disease, conditions and all of the potential public health threats. The CDC is the ideal source for statistics, scholarly information and the details that are needed to understand different public health risks. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography. Childhood obesity is the beginning of a cycle that may remain for the whole of their lives. Obesity leads to a number of serious conditions that can require a lot of treatment and medication, which can be costly. If people pay attention to the statistics and look at the prevalence it is clear that obesity is something that generally begins in childhood. If childhood obesity was to be prevented it would change the future of millions of children who will live better lives. This site is one of the most beneficial when it comes to discussing health concerns and public health related information. Childhood Obesity Annotated Bibliography. It is inevitable that the information provided here is incredibly relevant to this research and any future research on the topic.