Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment

Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment

Career Counseling Program: Program Planning Guidelines

Students will develop a career counseling program and determine appropriate program evaluation methods. Special attention will be paid to issues related to diverse populations.

Special instructions:

The program planning and implementation assignment should include the description of the program, career development planning, organization, implementation, administration and evaluation components. Discussion of interrelationships among and between family and other life roles and factors including multicultural issues should be discussed in the paper.  This assignment should be specific to your program area (school, mental health, substance abuse, etc.) Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment.


Suggested Format for Responding to this Assignment: Career Counseling Program

Use 5-7 pages for this assignment, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font with double spacing. This paper will not be graded for APA format, but if you do cite references, you must provide a reference page. DO NOT INCLUDE MY SUGGESTIONS which are merely to guide you in writing this Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment paper.

Your paper should be organized as follows in five (5) sections:

Introductory paragraph: Briefly identify your specific program – (Mental Health) and your expected clients. This information will guide your program. Your program could be an add-on to a Mental Health Agency or a career service you wish to provide in a community.

Planning: What planning would you need to do if you were hired as a Career Counselor?

  1. What career assessment instruments, equipment e.g. computers you will have available?
  2. What resources will you have available for labor market information? Books and internet?
  3. Personnel required – to meet the clientele and services you will provide.
  4.  Physical facilities.

Organization/Implementation: How will you organize and implement your career development program?

  1. How will this career development program work? What services will you offer? Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment.
  2. On what theories will your program be based? (most appropriate for your clients)
  3.  What counseling approach/techniques you will use? Why?


  1. How will you show that your services have been effective, that they have helped your clients?
  2. How will you collect clients’ feedback? Surveys – immediate or long-term? Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment.
  3. Evidence of individuals who have (a) identified information on the interests, values, etc. that will help them to select a career (b) found careers or job based on your services

Needs of People from Diverse Populations

Describe how diversity issues (physical and mental) will affect the type of program you have (again based on your client population) – assessment tools, counseling techniques, physical facilities (wheelchair accessibility, materials in Braille and for hearing-impaired clients). Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment.

Each chapter of the textbook has a section on working with people from diverse backgrounds – persons with disabilities and ethnic and racial groups depending on your specific clientele. Career Counseling Program Development Essay Assignment.