Cancer and The Cell Cycle Research Paper

Cancer and The Cell Cycle Research Paper

You will need to complete a paper on a recent magazine or newspaper article about biology. You may also use a TV or radio story if you can find a transcript of the story. Cancer and The Cell Cycle Research Paper The paper should be approximately 1000 words, however, I am more concerned with whether the paper contains all the content it needs than the actual word count. This assignment is due Friday, April 14 before midnight. Assignments must be turned in to the turn-it-in drop box on Blackboard.


Assignment Requirements:

1. Include the title, authors, and source of the news story.

2. Summarize the story in your own words.

3. Discuss why this science study is important, and who it will impact. Cancer and The Cell Cycle Research Paper

4. Discuss how what you have read is related to what you learned in class.

5. Write about how you reacted to this story, and include what questions it raised for you.

6. Include a reference page for the article you are discussing and any other references (e.g., your textbook) that you might have used.

7. Attach a copy of the news story you used.

References should be in APA format. More information can be found here:

Briefly, you should cite an article as shown below.

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (Year). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume

number(issue number), pages.

When you use ideas (not just quotes, but any ideas) from an author in the text, you should follow your information with the author and the year. Cancer and The Cell Cycle Research Paper For example, if you were citing your textbook, you might say “Previous studies on coffee’s effects on people have produced conflicting results (Bozzone and Green, 2014).” The words “et al.” are a Latin abbreviation for “and the others.” You use them when you don’t list all the authors (usually when there are more than two). Please do not use more than one quote in your paper. Cancer and The Cell Cycle Research Paper