Biological Psychology Assignment Paper

Biological Psychology Assignment Paper

Biological Psychology: Study Applications

For your Study Applications assignment, you will apply learnings from the course as well as personal and professional ethics and behaviors. You will consider ways to apply your findings from your literature review and your proposed study, as well as principles, theories, and research in biological psychology to other careers outside of psychology, and to society in the form of public policy and professional practice.Biological Psychology Assignment Paper


To create your Study Applications, address the questions that follow below. Use research findings reported in the articles you reported in u07a1 (ATTACHED), along with other sources, such as previous readings from the course, the textbook, and additional Capella library sources to support and add depth to your answers. Your references should appear at the end of the paper. The entire paper must be in current APA style and format.Biological Psychology Assignment Paper

Biological Psychology Instructions:

Format your paper using the following headings, as well as the Study Applications Template (ATTACHED):

I. Study applications: Introduction

II. Careers: Identify careers, other than psychology, that might benefit from a foundational knowledge of biological psychology.

III. Professional practice: How can principles and theories of biological psychology be applied in professional practice in psychology and other professions?Biological Psychology Assignment Paper

IV. Values: Within a context of social and cultural differences, describe practical applications of biological psychology to understanding values that underlie society, and the role of ethics in social practices and behaviors.

V. Future life: How relevant has studying biological psychology been to your life, and how will you apply what you have learned in this course to your life?

VI. References. Biological Psychology Assignment Paper