Bio-psycho-social assignment Paper.

Bio-psycho-social assignment Paper.

Bio-psycho-social assignment:Find an article from the popular media, such as a magazine, that describes sexual turn-ons or techniques (be sure it is substantial enough to critique). Bio-psycho-social assignment Paper.You will use information presented in class, from your text, and from your research to write a 2 page critique of the article that includes all of the following:

(Keep in mind that sexual response has many components–physiology, emotions, context, etc.) Consult additional sources, such as a text, if necessary. ALWAYS cite your sources.


The tone of the article–goal/performance-oriented, relationship-oriented, any other tone you may notice, etc. Bio-psycho-social assignment Paper.

Bio-psycho-social assignment

-Issues of diversity: For example, is there heterosexism present in the article? Do they assume the person reading the article is sexually active with a member of the other sex?
What gender roles are encouraged by the article? What examples in the text can you find to support your claim?

-The article’s effectiveness in adding and encouraging the satisfaction of both sexual partners.

-Your personal opinion of and reaction to the sexual suggestions and an explanation of why you feel the way you do. Bio-psycho-social assignment Paper.