Alternatives to Landfills Assignment Paper

Alternatives to Landfills Assignment Paper

Alternatives to Landfills: Looking for assistance with the below information regarding alternatives to landfills.  References are needed.Alternatives to Landfills Assignment Paper

Alternatives to Landfills

The use of sanitary landfills for burial of municipal solid wastes has been the primary mode of waste disposal in the United States for almost a half century. As your text has indicated, in the United States 55% of wastes generated are placed in landfills.Alternatives to Landfills Assignment Paper

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer landfills are available because many have been closed due to not meeting regulations and from reaching capacity, and space for new landfills is more and more difficult to find.


Assume you are a member of a large metropolitan community board of commissioners facing the decision about what to do with your municipal solid waste and you are seeking an alternative to using another landfill.Alternatives to Landfills Assignment Paper

Each commissioner has been assigned to research “Alternatives to Sanitary Landfills” and to bring a report back to the next commissioners’ meeting. You may choose any alternative you feel would be appropriate. Discuss its benefits as well as its detriments. Be sure to document all of your sources.

Alternatives to Landfills Assignment Paper